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Who is Merlin Now?

Merlin Schaefer is a life coach with a passion for inspiring people to develop full, exciting lives before and during retirement, ensuring their golden years are their best years.

As most of his life has been centered around helping others, it was a natural progression into life coaching after his retirement. He brings decades of life experiences and wisdom to his coaching practice.

Now, Merlin is the new horizon coach, helping his clients move beyond their limits to fulfillment.

How Merlin's Story Began

He grew up in a small town along the Canadian border called Chester, Montana, and then set out to discover new horizons by enrolling at Marquette University in Wisconsin. After three years as an undergraduate, he entered Marquette University Dental School. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a Captain in the United States Air Force and began his practice of dentistry in Japan.

Upon his honorable discharge from the Air Force, Merlin moved to New York City in search of new possibilities. He soon became a partner in a dental practice that focused on TMJ dysfunction. He concentrated on the mastery of diagnosis and treatment of TMJ, which included prescribing medications for pain, psychological conditions, stress reduction along with restorative dentistry. During this time, he was very active in the New York and American Dental societies.

After about fifteen years of practicing dentistry, Mr. Schaefer contracted a neurological illness which prevented him from continuing his dental practice and forced him to retire. While recuperating from the illness, he explored and expanded his hobby of sailing. Being the adventurer he is, he set out to master the art of sailing and accomplished two transatlantic crossings, along with a cruise through the Mediterranean and several cruises to the Caribbean.

Merlin's New Horizon

Looking back, Merlin recognizes that throughout his whole career, there has been a recurring theme of helping people, relieving pain for others, and inspiring them to lead healthy lives. That’s why he set out to acquire his certification in life coaching and now uses his knowledge and life experiences to enable others to live their own lives to the fullest.

Merlin Schaefer, DDS resides in Longmont, Colorado with his wife, Joan. Not being close to the ocean anymore, he can often be found in a sailplane under the large puffy clouds over the Rocky Mountains.

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